Ligands & Fiber-Optic Products

Uncover meaningful results quickly and boost your drug development programs with Solvias’ ligand kits, customized ligands, and bulk options.

Solvias offers the world's largest portfolio of commercially available ligands and catalysts. In addition, we provide unique supply chain security by serving as the IP-holder, bulk producer, and distributor, for a stress-free experience.

Looking for custom-designed derivatives? Opt for our custom ligand services and leverage Solvias' unique integrated expert assistance across your project. Consult with our specialists for a tailored experience.


Ligand Kits

Simplify your ligand and catalyst screenings with Solvias’ specialized ligand kits.


Custom Ligands

Collaborate with our experts to synthetize ligands specifically designed for your requirements.


Bulk Ligands

Secure top-quality ligands at any volume with Solvias' bulk supply options.

ligand product kit

Custom Ligands

Access tailor-made ligands that meet your specific standards and requirements through our specialized development and manufacturing services.

Our strategy employs innovative and modern techniques to successfully synthetize chiral and non-chiral intermediates.

Our expertise and services include:

  • Lead synthesis up to 20kg
  • Synthesis of scaffolds and building blocks
  • Synthesis and isolation of custom

Bulk Ligands

Secure industrial quantities for all our ligands and catalysts, including chiral ligands, C-X coupling ligands, and most commonly used ligand families (Josiphos, Walphos, Mandyphos, Taniaphos and Ubaphox).

From gram to multi 100 kg production, we operate under an all-inclusive kg-price and guarantee constant high quality in agreement with your guidelines.

In addition, we licensed our ligands without general restrictions or further obligation, for simplified commercial processes.


Fiber-Optic Products

Solvias fibre optic probe product

Fiber-Optic Probes and Flow Cells

Reach high-performance standards in NIR and UV-VIS spectroscopy with Solvias’ high-quality process sampling equipment, optimized for online analysis of liquids, gasses, and solids.

We offer a wide range of fiber-optic probes, flow cells models, and accessories with guaranteed:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Low abrasion and corrosion levels through the use of sapphire optic
  • Compatibility with almost all types of spectrometer with fiber-optic connection
  • Proven process capability
  • Applications for UV/VIS or NIR

Ready to Simplify Your Projects With Solvias’ High-Performance Products and Integrated Expert Assistance?

Mitigate supply chain management risks and boost your project with Solvias’ products, designed for guaranteed timely, high-quality results.

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