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De-risk Your Drug Development Projects With Analytical Testing Services Designed by Trusted Experts

Choose from our comprehensive analytical testing packages, custom synthesis and GMP CDMO services.

Conducted entirely in-house, our offerings conform to the latest regulatory guidance with faster turnaround times.


Biopharmaceutical Analysis

Thoroughly characterize your monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates and other therapeutic proteins for seamless regulatory submissions.


Pharmaceutical Analytical Testing

De-risk your drug development process with comprehensive characterization of small molecule drug substance and drug product.


Extractables & Leachables Testing

Identify potential sources of impurities that could impact quality, efficacy and stability of your drug product with risk-based study design.


Cell & Gene Therapy Characterization

Confirm the safety of your advanced therapy medicinal products via comprehensive analytical development, characterization, and release testing.


Process Development & GMP Manufacturing of APIs

Contact our expert team and get solutions tailored to your process development and manufacturing needs.

Ligands & Fiber-Optic Products

Secure your drug development process with our advanced monitoring technologies, high-quality process sampling equipment, and extensive ligand and catalyst portfolio.

Fiber Optic probes

Quality & Regulatory

Regulatory Strategy Tailored to Your Needs and Built on the Latest Guidance

Solvias holds authorizations to perform pharmaceutical analyses for CMC packages and produce active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for clinical trials.

We customize and perform analytical tests for each drug substance and product within the standard of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). All Solvias facilities are ISO-certified and regularly inspected by licensed authorities, in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention/Cooperation Scheme (PIC/S), the Directives of the European Commission and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).



Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't meet everyone's needs, Solvias offers each of its partners tailored, cutting-edge solutions.

At Solvias, we combine the attention to detail of a small CRO with state-of-the-art analytical capabilities. This approach has earned us the trust of over 700 customers, including 19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies.

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