Excellence in Regulatory Compliance

At Solvias, our consistently flawless compliance audits showcase a dedication to top-tier operational standards. Our ISO certified and GMP compliant laboratories had no critical findings in 2023, ensuring our devotion to regulatory excellence.

This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to global quality and adherence to regulatory requirements.


Superior Regulatory Adherence

To maintain our top-tier status as an analytical services provider, our corporate headquarters in Switzerland undergoes routine evaluations by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) to ensure conformity with ISO standards.

The Quality Management system at Solvias is structured around business processes that align with ISO 9001: 2015 requirements. In our latest comprehensive audit conducted in July 2021 for ISO certification renewal, no issues or discrepancies were identified. Additionally, a recent FDA inspection found no critical findings in July of 2023.

Regulatory Compliance Certified

Our Hombourg facility has various certifications of compliance from multiple global regulators including COFRAC, ANSES and the FDA. Please find all our certificates below.

The Massachusetts Controlled Substances Board, DEA and FDA all have inspected our Canton facility as recently as 2019. Take a look at our certification documents below.